Frequently Asked Questions

1What is TALPA MDA?

TALPA Peer Support Network;

is a peer support network,

offered and implemented by Peer Volunteers to the benefit of peer pilots,

protecting the pilot profession.

aimed to improve flight and aviation safety,

where trained and volunteering peer pilots, seasoned in the profession and first-hand familiar with its challenges, help their peers who seek for help,

centered on the HUMAN;


2What is the goal of the Program?

The basic goal of the Program is to ensure early detection of the professional or personal problems, and provide appropriate support to applicant peer before problems escalate into a threat to the mental health. Program enables idea exchange on the professional and/or personal matters between all pilots working in airline operators based in Turkey with trained Volunteering Peer Pilots in a safe, trustworthy and independent environment. This, as a result, helps them reduce their stress levels, and keeps mental wellbeing of pilots at the highest levels.

3Who can apply to or refer a peer pilot to the Peer Support Network?

All pilots working at airline operators can personally apply, or refer their crew mates to the support service. Also, relatives of pilots can refer relevant pilot over the website of TALPA MDA.

4On which subjects can I apply to?

All subjects that may affect the mental health and psychological wellbeing of an individual. These include:

I. Stresses related to the work and work environment;

II. Concerns related to the medical fitness certificate and flight crew license;

III. Stresses related to private life and family life;

IV. Substance abuse and addiction.

5How can I apply to receive support under the Program?

You can access to Peer Support Network via phone 24/7 or e-mail.

A) Communication via Phone:

I. Communication via Phone is a mixed model. Phone is not designed to be a channel for use in an emergency. 0 850 34 00 MDA hotline is available 24/7. Hotline is used for leaving message. While leaving a message, following details must be provided: These include:

a) The title(s) you want to be addressed

b) Time(s) you want to be contacted with

c) The subject(s) you want to receive support

d) Phone numbers (must be personal mobile phone)

II. There are three scenarios for a peer who contact via 0 850 34 00 MDA:

a) during 09:00 AM and 04:00 PM (working hours): An available Peer Volunteer returns applicant during the time periods requested by the applicant, or time periods that are convenient for the program.

b) during 04:00 PM and 09:00 AM (outside working hours): An available Peer Volunter returns applicant the time periods requested by the applicant, or during working hours of following working day.

c)for applications during weekends, planning will be made on the first working day of the following week.

B) Communication via e-mail:

I. Applicant who wants to communicate with program visits the website/mobile app, clicks on "I WANT TO MEET A PEER VOLUNTEER" and submits request for communicating with a Peer Volunteer.

II. An available Peer Volunteer contacts with applicant and arranges an appointment at a time convenient for both parties.

6How support process works briefly?

Support process consists of 3 main stages. These include:

A) Application

B) Basic Support Process

C) Conclusion

A)Application: Application is made

I. at his/her own will,

II. via families or friends with concerns,

III. via peers with concerns.

B) Basic Support Process

I. Start of the process

II. Clarification and definition of the problem

III. Helping Pilot to find solution(s).

C) Conclusion

I. Solution of the problems of Pilot via sessions with Peer Volunteer, or

II. Referral of Pilot to the appropriate higher level help. This help is provided via defined paths and professional staff.

7If I apply for support, do I encounter problems with my company or information I provided?

Support Program is secured in terms of privacy and confidentially

A)legally by Personal Data Protection Act No 6698, and relevant Article of Turkish Civil Aviation Act No 2920;

B) criminally by Turkish Penal Code No 5237,

C) in terms of regulation, by the provisions of latest version of Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) and Conditions of Certification (CS) guidelines published by EASA for enforcement of the Act No. 6698, and Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012, as well as the provisions of ANNEX-4 (PARTMED) of "Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 date November 2011, laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 2018/1139 of the European Parliament and of the Council", and AMC acceptable means of compliance, and GM Guidance Notes, and Chicago Convention Annex-1 Part 6, and the provisions of this Instruction; and Privacy and Confidentiality is taken very seriously and ensured at the maximum level. There shall be no license and professional loss, except for extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances include:

I. Deliberate attempts to make mutual trust-based support program untrustworthy, even if there is no actual victim or complaint.

II. Negative circumstances that directly affect flight safety and security that have actually led to or may potentially lead to loss of life and property.

III. Negligence with regard to the requirements defined in Act Noç 6698.

8Is a fee required to benefit from Program?
No, program is completely free of charge.