In this Undertaking, Confidential Information includes, without limitation, any kind of information, document, opinions and ideas provided by peer pilots, and “Sensitive Personal Data” which include, without limitation, personally identifiable race, ethnicity, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion/sect/other beliefs, clothing, association/foundation/union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction/security measure, biometric and genetic data, financial information and documents.

With respect to the general and sensitive personal data (“Personal Data”) disclosed by peer pilots to me while fulfilling my duty as Peer Volunteer as part of the TALPA-MDA (TALPA Peer Support Network Program) (“Program”) implemented by Turkish Airlines’ Pilot Association, and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“the Act”) and within the principles of public interest, equality, transparency, impartiality, I do hereby undertake, accept and declare to:

(i) process Personal Data in line with rules of the Program, and limited to the purposes set out in said guidelines, and inform immediately TALPA if I am unable to comply with said guidelines and instructions for any reason whatsoever;

(ii) act in accordance with the general principles and processing conditions as set forth in the Act, as well as rules of the Program, with respect to the processing of the Personal Data;

(iii) take all necessary precautions to ensure security of the all Sensitive and General personal data as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act No 6698;

(iv) when necessary;  notify TALPA, immediately and in writing, of (a) demands of Public Authorities for Personal Data, (b) any attack or threats against data security, (c) requests submitted to me by relevant data subject in this respect, before answering foregoing;

(v) refrain from illegally transferring Personal Data to other real or legal entities, and have the perpetual confidentiality obligation in regards to Personal Data disclosed to me as part of the Program;

(vi) erase and destroy Personal Data once the purpose of the processing, or reasons that require Personal Data to be processed have ceased to exist;

(vii) not to disclose Sensitive Personal Data to any other persons without explicit consent of data subject, use the same level of care to protect Sensitive Personal Data that I use to protect my own personal data;

(viii) continue to respect my confidentiality obligation even after discontinuation of the Program. Interpretation of this Undertaking shall be governed by Turkish Law and any dispute arising from this Undertaking shall be referred to the jurisdiction of Istanbul Central courts and enforcement offices for resolution.
This undertaking has been issued in copy and entered into force once signed.


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