What is TALPA Peer Support Network?

TALPA Peer Support Network;

  • is a program dedicated to the Pilots only, implemented by our volunteering Peer Pilots who are trained in the subject,
  • aimed to protect pilot profession and to improve flight and aviation safety,
  • where trained and volunteering peer pilots, seasoned in the profession and first-hand familiar with its challenges, provide help to their peers who seek for help.
  • centered on the HUMAN;
  • built on following basic principles;
    • PRIVACY,

primarily aiming to provide our subscribing peer pilot with the help he/she needs, in order to ensure early detection of professional or personnel issues so that these do not evolve into major problems in terms of mental wellbeing.

TALPA MDA Pilot Peer Support Network Program is dedicated to optimize the quality of mental and physical wellbeing services through a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing.

This program aims to enable all pilots serving for all airline operators based in Turkey exchange ideas, either professional or personal with Peer Volunteers having necessary trainings, in a rule and volunteerism based, safe, secure and independent setting, and thus to reduce their potential stresses, and to keep their mental wellbeing at the maximum levels.

Our program is designed to help airline pilots to create a full and healthy life.

Name of the Program is TALPA-MDA (TALPA Peer Support Network) and it is essential to respect the confidentiality and privacy of the personal data at the maximum levels in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698.

TALPA-MDA aims to be the first-choice go-to platform for pilots to find solutions to the potential personal issues or mental wellbeing problems not only of themselves but also their peer PILOTS.

TALPA-MDA is committed to help pilots identify and rehabilitate potential stress, challenges and problems, either in their private or professional lives, in terms of themselves, immediate circle or their airline operators through support of specialists in the subject, and to provide advices to airline operators in terms of solution process, and maintain a support process that is tailored to the requirements of our client peer pilot.