We have been in contact for almost 3 weeks with my peer volunteer referred to me as a result of my application to Talpa Peer Support Network program that I have been closely following up.  During this time, we had conversations about an overview of the issues I needed support for, possible reasons, step-by-step solution development, motivation improvement and how I could put these solutions into practice.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have experienced life-changing developments.  The advices and assistances of my peer on the issues that led me to apply for the program has been a positive driving force. The biggest benefit was that I have pulled out myself of minor issues overwhelming me and focused on the big picture, thanks to my peer who listened me professionally in every sessions and when necessary shared experiences with me.   As our sessions continue, I feel very refreshed, motivated and free from anxiety. I clearly feel the positive changes in myself and my family also talks about same changes that this program has brought about in me.

As a pilot, I would like to note that our professional problems or issues that may directly or indirectly affect our performance often cannot be understood by those outside the cockpit. I am grateful to you for introducing and connecting me with a peer who, as a person directly involved in the profession, can really understand me and can think and feel like me and guide me when necessary. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the implementation and maintenance of the Talpa Peer Support Network program.