Peer Volunteer

First, your duties may not include managerial, representative body positions to become a Peer Volunteer.  It is also important that candidate is aware that he/she will, and is willing to, work on a volunteering basis.  Having met these conditions and willing to be a part of the process, candidates need to submit an application e-mail which contain a short information letter answering the question ‘why they are willing to be a peer volunteer’.  After receiving this application, TALPA sends a reply e-mail asking candidate to answer a number of inventory and questions.  After selection stage, candidate is contacted to arrange the necessary trainings.

Peer Volunteer;

  • Must not have a managerial nor pilot representative body position
  • The peer and the person seeking support (client) must have similar professional backgrounds.
  • Peer volunteers have a similar professional skills and experiences as well as are experienced, dealt with and/or trained similar problems and situations, with the support program clients.
  • Key to the success of the program is the “privacy” and creation of a “mutual trust” environment as well as absence of perceived authority.
  • Peer Volunteer must be mindful of the client and be a good listener.