This Privacy Notice is prepared by Turkiye Airlines’ Pilot Association (hereinafter referred to as “TALPA“), acting as Data Controller, to inform client pilots about our Personal Data processing practices in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 (“the Act”).


At TALPA, we take the security of your personal data seriously. In this context, we take necessary measures to ensure appropriate security level during processing and transferring of your Personal Data to third parties in order to prevent your Personal Data against illegal processing and access and protect them in accordance with the Act.  Being aware of this responsibility, we, acting as a Data Controller, process your Personal Data under the following framework in line with the Act and applicable legislation.


1. Collection of your Personal Data, personal data processed and purposes of processing
Collection of your Personal Data:

Your personal data are collected as part of the TALPA-MDA (TALPA Peer Support Program) implemented at TALPA (“Program“) in accordance with the provisions of the Act and applicable legislation in order to protect public health and safety, to provide protective and preventive counselling service, to manage psychological diagnostic and treatment services, to facilitate financing, planning and management of these services, to improve service quality, and to fulfill the reporting and information obligations with respect to the clients in the events required by the public authorities or legally permitted.


For this purpose, your personal data, as detailed below, are collected and processed verbally, in writing, visually, or electronically in order to allow for TALPA to fulfill its contractual and legal obligations in complete and due manner under the Act, Civil Aviation Act, Health Services Fundamental Law, Associations Law and relevant secondary laws and depending on the service provided to the client pilot.


2. Your Personal Data Processed:


Your General Personal Data, and Sensitive Personal Data – particularly your personal health data – collected as explained above are listed below.


  • Your Name and Last Name, your Turkish ID, or Passport Number if you are not a Turkish citizen
  • Your Post Address, Phone Number, Electronic E-mail Address,
  • Your sensitive data relating to health and sexual life, collected during psychological diagnosis, treatment and care services, or disclosed by you with your own explicit consent,
  • Your CCTV video recordings taken as part of the Program,
  • Voice call recordings,


3. Purpose of Personal Data Processing:


Your general personal data and sensitive personal data, as listed above, may be processed by TALPA for following purposes in accordance with the basic principles set out in the Act, and within personal data processing conditions defined in Articles 5 and 6 of the Act, and by taking all organizational and technical measures to ensure appropriate security level in physical and electronic archives.




  • To carry out communication activities
  • To provide counselling service as part of the Program, to provide protective psychological support, and to protect public safety and health,
  • To fulfill the legal and regulatory requirements,
  • To perform financial and/or accounting transactions,
  • To facilitate for TALPA to plan and manage the internal functioning of the Program,
  • To implement the emergency management processes,
  • To create risk management, quality improvement and evaluation processes,
  • To facilitate for Technical Service and IT units to monitor and prevent unauthorized actions and misuses,
  • To take all necessary technical and organizational measures and to ensure physical space security, with respect to the data security.
  • To measure, improve and survey the client satisfaction,


4. Transferring of Your Personal Data:

Your personal data collected by TALPA may be transferred to legally authorized public agencies, Program Partners and Authorized Health Institutions in line with the personal data processing conditions as set forth in Articles 8 and 9 of the Act.


5. Legal Grounds Forming Basis for Collection of Your Data:

Your Personal Data collected by TALPA physically or electronically during implementation of the Program for the aforementioned purposes are processed on the basis of the legal grounds such as “legally permitted to do so”, formation and performance of the contract relating to Program, fulfillment of the legal obligations, legitimate interest, establishment, exercise or protection of a right, and explicit consent.


6. Destruction of Your Personal Data:


TALPA retains the personal data it has processed for periods defined by the legislation, and if there is no such period defined by the legislation, for such periods required for full and complete provision of the services under the Program, after which it destroys such personal data in accordance with Article 7 of the Act.


7. Your Rights Listed in Article 11 of the Act:

By applying to TALPA, you have rights to

  1. be informed if your personal data has been processed or not,
  2. if processed, request details thereof,
  3. be informed about the purpose of processing of their personal data, whether they are used in line with intended purpose,
  4. be informed about third parties, foreign or local, to which your personal data has been transferred,
  5. request correction if they are missing or inaccurate,
  6. request your personal data to be deleted or destroyed under the conditions as set forth in Article 7 of the Act,
  7. request aforelisted actions to be notified to the third persons to which data have been transferred
  8. lodge an appeal against any result that are against your interests arisen due to the analysis of your personal data via solely automated systems, and
  9. claim compensation for damages that you may have incurred as a result of illegal processing of your personal data.


You can submit your applications regarding your aforelisted rights to TALPA at ………………………  Your applications will be processed in the shortest time but no later than thirty days, depending on nature of your application; however, if your application requires extra costs, you will be requested to pay a fee according to the fee list determined by Personal Data Protection Board.